Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Detroit Club Cards from the '70's

Digging deep into the archives of the Rev. Roscoe Dogbone, we come up with a stack of business-card sized advertising ephemera from Detroit. Urban archaeologist Tim Caldwell may have had something to do with placing these in the hands of the Blind Tattooist.

First,  a couple of religious cards. Top one is obviously an invitation to an event put on by the Rev. C.L. Franklin - (Aretha's father). An "Evening of Fun by the Black Professional Models." Wonder if they abbreviated that "BPM"? Also, New Black Christians (NBC?) put on a 70's tea-party with a "Demonic Possession" theme. Whoa!

 Next, two separate "Disco Cabaret" after-hours events. Top one is technically 1980, but check it out: "SPECIAL GUEST LADY TYRRELL THE SNAKE GODDESS PERFORMING WITH HER 10 FT. PET SNAKE" The Disco Cabaret on the card below is Deejayed by "The Black Mack" - he's got everything on the right track!

Two more; Top one is a card for a nice soul food joint. Bottom one mentions an entertainment feature called "The Streaker." Hmmm

Lastly, a VIP Card for Mr. Kelley's Lounge, granting the bearer "Special Consideration." I'm pretty sure this was a 70's GoGo club. The last card is "Pee Wee Private Club." Trying very hard not to make any Pee Wee Herman cracks here.

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  1. Mr. Kelley's was a family oriented jazz club on the near East Side of Detroit.
    Thanks, Tim! See you at jazzfest?